Q : How much does it cost to take part in the abseil?
A : The minimum total cost is £190. This is made up of £30 to register, plus a further £160 in sponsorship to be paid on, or before abseil day.

Q: Can I register a group for £30?
A: No. Each person has to register and pay the £30 fee.

Q: Does the £160 sponsorship cover our group?
A: No.  Each member must raise the minimum, but you can combine the total i.e. a team of three can raise £480 beteen them.

Q : I want to abseil for my charity. Can I do this?
A : You can only abseil for the charities listed.

Q : Does the money raised go to Rotary or to my charity?
A : Rotary collects all monies raised and deducts £40 per abseiler, then passes the remainder on to your nominated charity.

Q : I do not have a Paypal Account, can I still register?
A : You do not need a Paypal Account. Credit and Debit Cards can be used.

Q : What do I do if I have problems registering for the event?
A : Please use  the "Contact Us" tab to contact us.

Q : What happens if I have registered and I am unable to take part?
A : It is regrettable that the £30 registration fee is non refundable.

Q : Are there any age limits for people taking part in the abseil?
A : There is no upper age limit. You need to be at least sixteen to take part. If you are under eighteen you also need parental consent.